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 Hey fellow Slingmasters.  We are proud to announce that even with the increase in fabric cost, we have been able to lower our overall cost and now offer bulk pricing on Bolts (50-60 yards) of fabric.  In addition to this we are also now offering "Speed Shipping" on some of our most popular fabrics.  Currently if you are planning on ordering the fabrics (Mozambique)  (Pria Tweed Indigo) or (Watercolor Tweed Pearly), we will be keeping these in stock and will be able to complete your order much faster and in as little as same day in most cases. 

screenshot-2018-08-16-digital-fabric-samples-outdoor-patio-furniture-sling-fabric.jpg  screenshot-2018-08-16-digital-fabric-samples-outdoor-patio-furniture-sling-fabric-1-.jpg  screenshot-2018-08-16-digital-fabric-samples-outdoor-patio-furniture-sling-fabric-2-.jpg

Give us call if you have any questions.

(706)-367-2604   or toll free   1-800-741-9314


    Thanks again for everything and have a great day.