"When we are motivated by the desire to sell, we are only looking out for ourselves.
When we are motivated by the desire to serve, we are looking out for others."

That is our motto!

At SlingMasters.com we are a family owned business built by the quality of our work, the integrity of our personnel and a deep desire to be of service to our patrons and to help us not to be part of all the disposable society that believes new is always better.

The fact is there are few manufacturers today that make their furniture as well as it used to be. Chances are your old aluminum or wrought iron furniture is of higher quality than what can be found in today’s mass market stores. Why should we scrap our old furniture adding to the waste in our landfills when for less than the cost of new furniture we can restore our older higher quality outdoor furniture?

Our business is a win win situation. We make a fair profit on our goods and services and our customers save money because the cost of restoring your furniture is a fraction of the cost of replacement and the environment can breathe a little easier because you have decided to restore it and not to scrap it.

Thank you for visiting our website and if there is any way at all we can be of service to you please feel

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Why SlingMasters.com

Why should you buy from Slingmasters.com? For starters we guarantee our slings for a full two years against failure of fabric or stitching. Our slings are manufactured right here in the USA in Jefferson, Ga. We use Tri-Vantage Premo Bond and Gore Tenara threads for super durable outdoor slings.  All our slings are double stitched by hand. We have a quality control program in place to ensure your slings are made right the first time and we will always be available to assist you.

We have been repairing outdoor furniture since 1982 and to this day, repair outdoor furniture everyday in our shop. We have posted how-to videos thru You Tube detailing exactly how to install our slings, with special tips and tricks usually reserved for authorized repair centers such as ourselves.  We have invented sling spreader tools that we designed ourselves to help your sling install go as smoothly as possible.

The bottom line is, while every other product, from gas to groceries is going up in price or cutting quality, here @ SlingMasters.com we have done neither.  At SlingMasters.com we are proud of what we make and we know you will be happy with our products. Feel Free to Call If you have any questions or there is anything at all that we can help you with.

Thanks and Have a Great Day   :)