Covid-19 Update

UPDATE 10/8/2020:   We are still seeing delays in a few of the fabrics, but overall most of the backorders are staring to roll in.  We are currently working on jobs that came in the end of July and are getting 5-10 knocked out per day.  Orders older than this are waiting on fabric to arrive and are getting cut and sewn as soon as the backorders show up.  We are doing everything possible to get back to our normal four week turn around, but this may not be possible for the rest of the year.  I am still unable to get to all the calls and are about a month behind on emails, but am catching up everyday. You will receive tracking information sent to your email on file as soon as we complete and package your order.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.



All Sling Orders Ship out of our small family shop in Jefferson, GA.


**Manufacturing and supply house closures have delayed the typical turn-around time.**


We ship anywhere in the U.S. for $20.00 Flat Rate, using USPS Priority Shipping, and Anywhere in the World for cost.  Our larger items such as rolls of spline and vinyl strapping average from $30-60 dollars per item to ship in the states.  The shipping for large orders is based on weight, so a pallet being shipped from us in Georgia to, let's say Canada, will be significantly higher than these stated prices.  Give me a call or shoot us an email for a shipping quote on large orders or items.


If You are in Need of Anything once you have Received your Slings. Feel Free to Email Anytime and We Will be Available to Assist You.

or by phone:


706-367-2604 or toll free 1-800-741-9314


All slings are custom made to size and can not be remade generally.
"Measure Twice, Cut once"

Why should you buy from For starters we guarantee our slings for a full two year warranty against failure of fabric or stitching. Our slings are manufactured right here in the USA in Jefferson, Ga. We use Gore Tenara threads for super durable outdoor slings and all our slings are double stitched. We have a quality control program in place to ensure your slings are made right the first time and we will always be available to assist you.
We have been repairing outdoor furniture since 1982 and to this day, repair outdoor furniture everyday in our shop. We have posted how-to videos thru You Tube detailing exactly how to install our slings, with special tips and tricks usually reserved for authorized repair centers such as ourselves. We have invented sling spreader tools that we designed ourselves to help your sling install go as smoothly as possible. 
The bottom line is, while every other product, from gas to groceries is going up in price or cutting quality, here @ we have done neither. At we are proud of what we make and we know you will be happy with our products. Feel Free to Call If you have any questions or there is anything at all that we can help you with.
Thanks again and as always Have a Safe and Happy Day