Vinyl Strap


Pre-Cut or Bulk Vinyl Strap by the Roll and by the Foot

  Casual furniture OEMs and re finishers worldwide have used our vinyl strap since 1986.  We sell vinyl as straps pre-cut to size, by the foot, by the roll or by the pallet.  We stock 53 colors and 6 different sizes.  Our vinyl, extruded for outdoor use, is commercial quality 100% virgin vinyl strap with ultra violet inhibitors manufactured into the product.


 Vinyl Strapping Replacement for your Patio Furniture

When it comes to patio furniture, there are more variations than just slings and fabrics. Vinyl is another popular option, so naturally we at Slingmasters also have vinyl replacement strapping for you!

Vinyl strapping can come in many colors and sizes. With Slingmasters you can purchase either pre-cut vinyl strapping, or buy it by the roll. As with the slings and fabrics, if this is your first time attempting repairs on your patio furniture, consider buying by the roll so that you will have plenty of material to experiment with. If you know what you need, the pre-cut will suit you well.

NOTE:  2" strap thins down to about 1 3/4" after pulling and conversely 1 1/2" straps will measure 1 1/4" after install.  This is normal and can be used to determine your correct size.  Give us a call if you have any questions. 706-367-2604